Katherine Richmond was born in Boston, took up photography in 1976. From the early beginnings, she was attracted to nature, animals, people, and documentary photography. She lives and works in Gloucester, Massachusetts USA.  In 2011 acquired her first Professional Nikon DLSR. In addition to pursuing a commercial career, she is particularly interested in abstract photography. With her photographs, she brings to you the world of light in moments which are almost impossible to be seen, except in her photographs. 

Also shooting in extreme situations with the ocean wave series her photographs shows us the beauty of the wild conditions. Having a love of water Richmond has explored miles of the rocky coastlines of the North shore of Massachusetts by foot in pursuit of finding a magical moment between the waves and light. The adventure as the wave expresses its energy and mystery there are senses of chaos and calmness at the same time. 

Water is a powerful life giving force that is part of everything on earth. Humans have found great comfort with water, wanting to be near or in it. It helps our moods, our mental health and wellbeing. Having a love of water, feeling connected to it, Richmond has spend much of her life sailing, snorkeling, body boarding and swimming in the ocean water.

  Since 2012 she has taken part in photographic juried competitions and exhibitions with her incredible photographs. Up to now she has won eleven awards, four are international placements from the 2016 International Photography Awards. Her photos have appeared in publications and are in many private collections. She uses Nikon equipment.